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World Patient Safety Day 2022

#Beru Private Clinic at #Sandafaa Town of the special zone of Oromia has become the #first private health institution in #Ethiopia to celebrate #patientsafetyday on its own initiative.

The first of its kind in Ethiopia, a conference on Patient Safety organized by Beru Private Clinic at Sandafaa Town of the special zone of Oromia was held on September 17, 2022.

An initiative of Dr. Oumer Mohammed, Beru clinic CEO and executive committee member of the MESE, the conference was attended by H.E. Afrasa Megersa, Sandafaa, Beke health bureau head; H.E Netsanet Tsegaye, Sandafaa Beke communication bureau head, Mr. Yifru Gizaw, Sandafaa Health Center representative and more than 20 staffs and participants from Sandafaa town.

Events include: 1. Inauguration, welcome speech, and Beru Clinic patient safety activities by Dr. Oumer Mohammed 2. Welcome speech, patient safety and role of communication by H.E Netsanet Tsegaye 3. Presentation on patient Safety: Global Perspective by Dr. Mubarek Fedlu 4. Presentation on Medication Safety by Yassin Berihun [clinical pharmacist] 5. Public-private partnership [PPP] for Patient Safety by Mr. Yifru Gizaw 6. keynote speech [patient safety activities in Sandafaa] by H.E. Afrasa Megersa 7. Q & A session chaired by Deres Getaneh [Beruh clinic Manager] 8. Social event by Beru clinic 9. Closing speech by H.E. Afrasa Megersa

Most sessions were followed by lively interactions.

All Photos of the activities will be available at section.

Thank you Sandafaa !!!

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