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Partners are so important to MESE that “Our Partners” page is its own section of their website. The main page promotes the program first and offers the standard grid of logos. From there, you can click a logo to head to another page that offers information about individual partners, as well as calls to action for the visitor to get involved, too. If you support our ideas and want to make your utmost contribution, don't give it a second thought.


Abraham Abebe is an Associate Professor of Art, Graphic Design at the Georgia College & State University. He has volunteered to develop & maintain the MESE website and paid all related costs till end of 2024, with a promise to help then after

Achieve ZERO preventable patient harm and death across the globe

Indian Medico-Legal & Ethics Association promotes Medico-legal and Ethical issues related to the practice of medicine and quality care; conducts research and trains medical professionals; and provides a broad range of medico-legal assistance.

The Medico-Legal Society [UK] was founded in 1901. Its aim is to promote Medico-Legal knowledge in all its aspects. Its members are lawyers and medical professionals in roughly equal numbers, providing excellent networking opportunities.


Medicolegal Consulting [Ethiopia] provides independent medicolegal opinions, assessments, trainings & consultations.

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