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To promote, provide and maintain the highest level of Continuing Professional Development training for individuals, organizations and professional groups in order to keep them at the cutting edge of their profession and to help them meet regulatory or legal requirements where necessary.

Professional Development

The MESE draws on its extensive expertise to provide members and clients with timely, relevant professional development opportunities on medicolegal, ethics, patient safety & the right to health topics.

The MESE supports members & clients through articles, publications, education and training products and events such as conferences and symposia, eLearning, and the good practices guide. 

Because healthcare and medicolegal system is continuously changing and adapting, our research and policy teams monitor emerging issues and look for trends that can impact healthcare and allied professionals practices and their medicolegal risk. Our research and education activities are often conducted in collaboration with institutions & organizations who share our commitment to improve the health & medicolegal system of Ethiopia.


MESE research and analysis also helps institutions & organizations to develop their own educational programs and establish guidelines more relevant to their needs.

Secure Learning Platform

Our secure e-learning platform is built for the delivery of high quality and smartly designed professional training for various professional groups in Ethiopia.

Our quality-driven approach delivers compliant operations, to ensure that we always meet and exceed all regulatory and legal requirements.

We adopt best practices in training that benefits individuals, organizations, and professional groups to ensure a continually updated working knowledge amongst personnel and within professional groups in Ethiopia.

MESE is Committed to:

1.  Improving and broadening your knowledge;

2. Bridging your skills gaps;

3. Enhancing your professional development and competence as an individual; and

4. Helping you to develop the personal qualities required for your optimum practice, performance and delivery at work.

Our Expert-led Courses & Programs ensure that:

You increase you self-awareness;

You get professional recognition;

You increase your self-confidence;

You’re empowered as a professional; and

You’re able to take responsibility for your own development.

An Effective, Efficient & Convenient Learning Experience:


Now, learning can happen in any geographic location; anywhere in Ethiopia and indeed the world; on your phone, laptop, tablet or computer; on any day of the calendar year, and at any time of day/night. All you need is an internet connection!

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