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Our Goal

How Does the Program Work?

Our goal is to help members ensure justice & practice safely and in a manner that contributes to their professional integrity and satisfaction.

The program benefits all MESE members by promoting Medicolegal and Ethical knowledge, patient safety and a sustainable healthcare and medicolegal system in Ethiopia.

Who Will Benefit From the Program?

The MESE Member Support Program is developed to assist members whose medicolegal, ethics and patient safety experience is less than the expected standard or their peers.

What the Program Does

The Member Support Program works with members to:

  • Identify gaps in Medicolegal, Ethics & Patient Safety Practice

  • Recognize factors that may be contributing to medical errors their medicolegal risk

  • Identify strategies to decrease the likelihood of medical errors and future medicolegal events

How the Program Helps Members

We recognize that each member and practice is unique. We seek to work with members to discuss and truly understand the circumstances and factors that have contributed to their Medicolegal, Ethical and Patient Safety experience.

There are 4 steps to the program:

  1. Identification: The MESE reviews medicolegal case histories, health professional ethics committee decisions and court rulings to identify members who may benefit from proactive support and assistance. Our expert advisors also help identify members who may have underlying issues in their practice that contribute to an increased level of medicolegal risk.

  2. Assessment: The Member Support Program team’s assessment includes reviewing member’s medicolegal history with the MESE and obtaining the member’s perspective regarding their practice and past medicolegal events.

  3. Development of an education plan: Following our review, we work with each member to develop an individualized education and support plan to address the factors that may be contributing to their medicolegal risk.

  4. Ongoing support: The Member Support Program team provides follow-up and support to help the member take an active role to decrease the likelihood of future medicolegal events.

By providing group or personalized support, educational advice, trainings and CPD courses, the program contributes to improving Medicolegal & Ethical knowledge and Patient Safety, and helps MESE members by easing stress, foster self-confidence, and return satisfaction to the practice of medicine.

Learn More or Join the Program

For more information about the Member Support Program, or to request a group or personalized advice and support to reduce your medicolegal risk, please email at

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