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“Medical Litigations : A look into the Panacea”

8 National Conference IMLEACON’22 will be held in Indore on 24 & 25th December.

The hybrid conference is expected to discuss various medicolegal topics including:

Qualified Medical Professional vs the doctor google

Medico legal issues in Infertility

The role of national education policy-2020 in medical education & it's benefits

Crosspathy practice: Medicolegal aspects

Consumer Protection Act 2019

Consent ! Is It so vital?

Alleged Medical Negligence : Key points from legal notice up to Supreme Court

Medical Prescription: Be Aware of Medico Legal Issues

My lords cannot go wrong, Art & Science of Prevention of Violence at Medical Workplace

The art of safe Medical Practice

Gurukul Medical Education

Unexpected still birth – Medicolegal issues, how to explain ?

Road traffic accidents in India: Medicolegal Perspective

Death on Operation Table, What now ?

Record keeping – How long to keep, best forms of records.

For more information, see the attached brochure.

8 th National Con. IMLEACON-22 Brochure-2
Download PDF • 5.58MB

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1 Comment

Dec 23, 2022

Dear Dr Melkamu Sir,


My best wishes to you always ..You are doing a wonderful work in the Medicolegal field and your sincere efforts are laudable..I can foresee MESE scaling great heights under your able guidance..


Dr Ashish Jain


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