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In vitro fertilization (IVF)

IVF involves injecting hormones every day for about two weeks to produce more eggs than usual, surgical removal of eggs, and laboratory labor costs. Together, one single round can be strenuous on the body and can take up to 40 days or longer.

IVF success rates across ages.

Women who start IVF before 30 have a 43% chance of having a baby after one cycle of IVF, 59% chance after two cycles, and 66% chance after three cycles. In other words, 66% of women under 30 who undergo 3 or fewer cycles of IVF have a baby.

Another way of looking at it is that, for women under 30, their first round of IVF has a 43% success rate, their second-round increases the chance of conception by a further 16 percentage points, and the third-round increases the overall chance of success by a further 7 percentage points.

For women who start IVF at 35, there is a 40% chance of a baby after one cycle, 54% chance after two rounds, and 61% after three rounds

At 40, successes are considerably reduced: a 13% chance of a baby after one round, 21% after two rounds, and 25% after three rounds.

This highlights that IVF success rates aren’t the same for every round. If it isn’t successful in the first round, it is less likely to be successful in the second round, although overall chances of conception increase when both rounds are measured together.

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Dr. Yosef Cheru
Dr. Yosef Cheru
May 03, 2022

The probability of getting pregnancy for a women across various ages via IVF some what mirrors the chance of being pregnant by natural method; where the likely hood of being pregnant feds with advance in age, i.e. Sooner is better. Meanwhile, it's also worth while to mention the high probability of getting multiple babies with a single successful IVF. Thanks for the update!

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