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Are Ethics still relevant in today's medical practice?

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Indian Medicolegal and Ethics Association (IMLEA) Uttarakhand State Presents: Debate of the Era "Are Ethics still relevant in today's Medical Practice?"

Saturday 6th August 8PM [IST]

Speakers : for

Dr.Mukul Tiwari.

National President IMLEA

Dr.Anurag Verma.

National Secretary IMLEA

Speakers: Against

Dr.Neeraj Nagpal.

Convener MLAG

Member IMLEA

Dr.A S Jaggi.

Executive Member IMLEA


Dr.A K Sirohi

State President IMLEA Uttarakhand

Special guest:

Dr.Satish Tiwari

Founder President IMLEA


Dr Vijay Tyagi

State Secretary

IMLEA Uttarakhand

Team Ortho TV

Dr.Ashok Shyam

Dr.Neeraj Bijlani

Streaming Live on OrthoTV

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